The Fable of Hope

lost my aspirations fr d dreams of near one,

lost ideas 2 d one possessed none,

lost my childhood days in d struggling hands of poverty,

lost a bounteous job ,even though i was worthy,

lost my vigour in the hands of time,

lost behind the bars fr no committed crime,

lost by the flattery of words , which i couldn’t articulate ,

lost in the maze of strife, fr which i ever blamed fate.

lost i have , but i have never lost hope,

hoping that someday, from d maze of hope,
i will find a chance to elope.
elope i may at d end of this strife,
O FATE! u may alleviate my perennial life,
u might succeed over my legacy of dreams,
u might erase my aspirations with ease,
but, O FATE! thy shall remain contented sans my bubble of hope,
 that u can neither buy, nor can u lease;

O FATE ! thy attempt to acquire my eternal hope shall remain no worth,

once, i shall catch up the journey of peaceful berth! 



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