The Chronicles of Golden Silence

The year of 2011 has witnessed world’s greatest  oppressors crucified, governments toppled up and dictators seeking refuge in hell.Neither militants nor cold-blooded tyrants could cease the protests ignited against the ill-rule.In an interview with  satyagni, our honourable PM delineates the flaws in their modus operandi  that led these power-pact people to face dire consequences.’Silence’, he heralds, ‘is the dictum that keeps a nation to weak and weaker protests’.He walloped the ball harder than it was expected.Not that our countrymen can be excluded from any sort of oppression or tyranny.Corruption is called the non-violent form of any tyrant rule & hence our blithe and benign personality prime minister can be called an oppressor .Every now and then , is a scam that pops out of the parliamentary bin and the figures break all past records every time they reach public.If only ‘Guiness book of world records’ keeps up a record of world’s greatest heists, Indian politicians would have been global celebs, filling all top entries and the competition would have been single-sided. Even after all these scams, large protests by a billion people country could not fetch liberty from scam-mongers , sitting in the most sacred place of national importance how is it possible? As our PM had outlined in his interview, silence is the ultimate killing machine.It kills all protests.Silence tests the patience of protesters . If  a long silence by PM can deter Anna from his battle for Jan LokPal it can surely prove fatal for other protesters.’Silence pacifies Shouts’-this is the MANMOHANIAN policy of controlling Indian protests.Although there are few obstacles on his way -the opposition growling :’silence is a statement that leads to gross misinterpretation’, but our PM is a connoisseur on silence .He knows-the louder the dog barks,larger calories it is bound to lose.he lets them bark and waits for his day.Till then, one of his ministers might have been charged up for  nepotism and the other one might have fetched up some new treasure ,from which he might gain a ‘silent’ share. let the opposition charge, he has his golden silence.Even King Midas had enough with the Golden touch.When will the tables turn on our silent PM?

One fine day some author might find it interesting to put Dr. Manmohan Singh’s silence in words and carve out ” THE CHRONICLES OF GOLDEN SILENCE ”



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