Talaash-The answer lies within


the answer lies within

RATINGS: 4 out of 5

‘In my end is my beginning’-the quote seems to be made for talaash in particular.Inspector Shekhawat(Aamir khan) is in search of an answer to one of those weird accidents that leads to the death of star Armaan Kapoor,not knowing whether its a natural death or a murder .  He is in talaash of the key to the woven mystery.the story moves parallel with his family life(with rani mukherji,her wife)  in jeopardy.he is shown incapable of fighting with his trauma over losing his own son.the story starts becoming interesting when aamir meets kareena kapoor(a prostitute) who leads him to some unknown facts in the death mystery that cops aren’t aware of. throughout the movie, it seems as if kareena knows the complete truth, but she isn’t revealing.one keeps on guessing the murder story and the murderer throughout, but the quintessential aamir is known for bringing something different everytime and so he does.the decent  moving cop story suddenly turns into a thriller and the suspence breaks.those who are unaware of the suspence might miss a  beat or two.many viewers might find the mid-part a little boring and the story a little stretched but that is the cream part that breaks the mystery.the end is the new beginning for inspector shekhawat who finds answer to his  personal life.Overall its a suspence thriller one rarely finds in the bollywood movies starring a cop.MUST WATCH.the movie lacks masala entertainment and isn’t for people who likes violent action scenes and stunts. HATSOFF to Reema Kagti for such a wonderful script.



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