B-day b4 D-day

Doomsday Prophecy

Nostradamus ruined my birthday! yeah, I m not joking. Turning 20 on 20-12-2012, I, Adam (status: no Eve yet), resident of Rio de Janerio (Brazil), was certainly expecting a ‘g8’ b-day bash. “u r not so important a person to be named in his ‘les propheties’. He would never have been so free enough to predict about some damn idiot’s b-day bash n spoil it out”-so would you think my reader! If someone’s behind spoiling my bash, it’s that dead man! If not him, then his prophecies certainly are…why was it necessary to predict the curtailment of this world, even if it’s going to? Only if I had a chance to ask him…well, if his prophecy comes true, I m surely going to get it! b4 u continue on with the blog, I must inform u all my readers, that I m a cynic. I trust not my mom, his prophecies share no relation with me, how will I trust those!
“u can still njoy ur bday bash(may b d last 1),its a day b4 so-called doomsday”, so said one of my pen-friend who shares same idea of disbelieving in all these sci-fi sort theories. ‘Nothing enjoyable’ would be my reply. In whatever part of the globe you may be, my reader, the situation is not the same here in Rio. with lots of panic from the localites, the prophecy  and the end of Mayan calendar is taken too seriously. My dad had promised me ‘hotmail’ sports car, yeah, that superfast one, but hell as this prophecy is, keeps me devoid of this. My dad now considers security of the family as a major concern and is throwing all his money to some damn underwater scuba diving course, already a hit in the city, specially designed keeping d-day in mind. Can you just believe it? I just lost my superfast caaar and have to run everyday for some useless underwater swimming classes! and who’s behind all this? the prophecy of a dead man!
b-day bash 2 me means presents and who would not love the idea of getting them? There’s just one day in a year you can ask for and expect the same gifts-birthday! and what if that gets ruined?
my best buddy,b4 moving to ‘pic de bugarach'(safest place considered at the time of apocalypse), parceled a pair of gum-boots & a fishing kit to me, hoping I might need it in worst of the situations when food supply shows paucity. I had anticipated situations like this b4 and hence I planned my own b-day bash and send invitation cards to all my cousins and uncles and aunts (the most important people as you actually get good presents from these people only) and my old dear chums, mates and friends, 2 weeks b4 day zero.3 days later, I received number of gifts delivered with a note: ‘sry adam. Can’t come.preps going on for d-day.’ I unwrapped most of those gifts to find d-day survival stuff. ‘A pair of underwater goggles and a lifeguard jacket for any water-logging situations or a rucksack in case apocalypse requires you to abandon your house!’ These all stuffs are still liable to be called gifts! what if you unwrap a gift box and peer into it to find out a first-aid box or an oxygen cylinder? (Imagine it to be your b-day present).The list is far away from end.
“Read this my boy and never forget your dear aunt. just few days and then she will find a place in paradise”, saying so my old aunt ruffled my hair and gave me ‘Survive 2012 by Robert Bash’. I never knew she calls H.E.L.L. a paradise. I mentally quoted that there are enough ‘Roberts’ in my literature book and I don’t want to add one more to my pile of books. but when I opened my mouth, what came out was just a thank you!
Now with little hopes, I was waiting for just one gift – from uncle Douglas James. with a cell last b-day, I anticipated nothing less than a lappy, as he is very generous when it comes to me! my long thought -shortly ended-waiting-for the gift ended just the last day. what the courier boy delivered looked nothing like a laptop. Instead it was more sort of harry’s broomstick wrapped up in beautiful gift-papers. Touch sensed that the wrapped stuff had a wooden formation. No sooner did I open that grotesque-weird looking gift, I was baffled. It was a airgun! Happy and sad I was! happy, bcoz, it wasn’t a broom.sad, bcoz, it was unlicensed bullet less gun. Along with it was a note attached which said:”long live my boy! none can touch you if its with you. keep it with you and you will never have your bellies empty. Shoot and fill your tummy!”.With no bullets in hand I can at least use it to flaunt in front of my some available friends in the city.
My parents are least interested in the b-day party preparations, bcoz all that is important is survival and preparing for survival. my mom found a store in the city selling rubber boats. She bought one with a capacity of 4, at the prize of her 2 month salary. The shopkeeper knows very well, the customers are going to buy it any cost, bcoz the d-day is near.
I know not whether the apocalypse is going to occur or not, what will be the consequences of d-day, but one thing that I am sure about is if Adam is the first person in the world, he will be the last one to go!                 
– s@ty@gni

© copyright. all rights reserved to satyagni. This is a completely fictitious work and has nothing to do with any sort of incident or event that matches coincidentally. The writer does not believe in doomsday theory and the whole stuff is written just as a part of personal opinion. The writer apologizes if feelings of any group are hurt by mistake.


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