The Victory of Winners

Every battle ends distinguishing a winner from a loser.Winner gets a chance to pen the war his way, and hence the winner in books is analogous to the truth.A true warrior is the one who gives the loser a chance to pen the war.If the loser pens the opponent a winner, he is indeed triumphant.

The day your greatest rival starts admiring you,you emerge as the ultimate vanquisher,because not only did you destroy the opponent, but also won an adorer.

Every chapter added to the voluminous books of history describes the victorious person as the hero and the loser a villain.It’s our mental tendency to idealize the winner.Every one of us will have a winner as an ideal, never a loser.A loser finds no place in our books of dream.None will ever dream of  becoming a loser, even in dreams.Hence, a winner ultimately wins, while a loser faces yet another defeat,the defeat where he permanently loses-the defeat of inability to pen oneself.

be on the loser’s side for a few moments and experience the craving for…


-Satyagni (winning is addiction)


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