The Fourth Estate

Cover of "The Fourth Estate"
Cover of The Fourth Estate

With ‘The Fourth Estate’ Jeffrey Archer grabs a catchy storyline in his shelf.But the storyteller of the decade widens his horizon to make it heart throbbing.Two men at two different corners start their journey to become world’s biggest press baron.

In their topsy-turvy path from nothing to everything, they try every ‘modus operandus’ to cram everything that comes their way.Pounds or contacts, treachery or bribery-they retort to everything that fuels their automobile to their destination.Unending desires lead them to further takeovers, adding their corporation to a global giant.Profit rises, and so their desires – to acquire everything, ‘whatever the cost’ may be.They forget the truth that ‘money can buy bed, not sleep’. They turn restless, fearing that the other one add one more to his shelf and make it larger.Each one perseveres for the other one’s decline and thereby, his leap to another feat.The war to become media mogul finally brings both-Richard Armstrong & Keith Townsend- to a small debt, that they face enormously difficult to repay.In their frantic efforts, they make more enemies than friends.The quest to destiny leads one to triumph, the other to abyss.

Voluminous, as the book is, so is the storyline with twists and turns and some brilliant plots.The way, the two barons are described, taking over one newspaper after other, and consolidating their global positions in media is commendable.Who would have thought to put up titles of each chapter as mastheads and headlines of newspapers resembling historical events with the fiction in the story.But, Jeffrey Archer is known to tell a story from various angles.The dialogue delivery is quintessentially English. Keith Townsend’s, not keeping his words with, “I ‘m sorry, I lied” and “As you all know, I never interfere with the editorial tasks…” is used widely time and again in the book.

The world war II, the holocaust, and Jews keeps one through the book.Every detail is covered up minutely, with exact dates & locations. He terminates his book with a better end than inĀ  his other books.Finally he ends with the storyline with a fact that a true businessman can’t cease acquiring and taking risks.Businessman will be businessman.




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