each one, teach one!

Learning Pyramid

Haven’t you experienced this? If no is your reply, then try this out with the most difficult of the topics and you will understand that the graph is definitely true.Being a high school student, I very well understand the importance of lectures.negligible! even if one attends,he is not extremely benefited.Bunking is common in my region.Those who attend understands little.while discussion, one tries to stress his mind to gain anything on the topic he has ever heard, from the inner chambers  of his mind.also, the brain continuously adds information he gets from the other mates in a discussion.Hence the processing is continuous and speedy.so better results.But when you teach someone , you not only teach yourself, but also the person with you.hence you find loopholes in your theory quicker and also its solution.Surveys have also told that brain works as if it has an added stimuli!

So, each one, teach one!


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