Modi Run

Screengrab of the Modi run game.

If you are fed up running in ‘Subway Surfer’ or ‘Temple run‘, try ‘Modi run’ for a change! After playing the game, the slogan given by the modi government, ‘ramse Gujarat, jeetse Gujarat'(guj. will play, guj. will win), promorting sports in Gujarat, seems perfect for Modi.Like his khel mahakumbha, Modi is   seen running, jumping and collecting votes to become the next PM.He is seen traversing Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Madhya Pradesh, similar to his campaign for the election.The app ‘Modi run’ is available on Google play store and has found a place in the top trending apps. He happens to be the first Indian political celeb featured in an android game.Now, Modi can proudly stand in the line with Herr Hitler!

The developer of the game is Dexati Mobile Entertainment apps and they say that the app is not not endorsed by Modi or BJP. The creators insist that the game is meant purely for entertainment and is a parody of the upcoming Indian elections.
This is an eptiome of Modi’s popularity.Earlier, an independent body of fans of Narendra Modi launched a NaMo Android smartphone that will be available soon.His election campaign and his dream will surely get a boost after this news!

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