deja vu


Before my eyes lie an imprint –

a dead body canvased with chalk;

little it matter for the folks around,

who all, have long miles to walk.

But it pangs me in my stomach,

transports me in the past,

where i could see my brother

and his breathe slowly last.

Rammed by the heavy truck,

he fell off….he fell off his little bike;

had the nearby public acted instantly,

it would have saved, saved his life!

Fear struck the driver of the truck

and he ran out of sight,

and behind the driver, ran the mass,

but nobody to hear victim’s plight.

The driver was chased,

the driver was caught;

and with iron fists,

tried in the court of lawless lot;

some passersby merely glimpsed,

some joined the mob,

some simply passed,

while the driver was left to sob.

while my little brother was slowly dying,

people gathered around,

but nobody could bring some aid on time

that would have helped him get back sound.

The driver lost to blows,

while my brother lost to lack of aid,

it was too late,

to save either of them;

and nobody was blamed!

it wasn’t an accident but a murder,

a murder of two;

every time i see an accident

i get that feeling of ‘deja vu‘ !



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