Je Suis Islam

Man makes religion, religion does not make Man. 

Someone might have noticed ‘M’ in Man & ‘r’ in religion & pointed out a mistake in the previous sentence. To others, it might not have grabbed enough attention, or if any, it might have been simply neglected. However, I would like to bring this to your notice that it is deliberately written so.

The massacre in France undoubtedly raised human affection to the level where Humanity stood united above religion. Few gunmen thundered into the Charlie Hebdo office, opened fire and killed the editor & the cartoonists of the satirical newspaper that published cartoons insulting The Prophet. It was blasphemous, according to the gunmen. France being secular, gives the right to express and hence, the right to offend. Whether it was blasphemous or not is not the issue which concerns the world. The deteriorating image of Islam is the major concern for peace-loving Muslims worldwide. While millions participated in the rally for unity irrespective of faiths, there were hardly few to stand for the gunmen. While few terror groups still considered them martyrs of Islam, Muslims around France and the entire world condemn the act calling them terrorists. Leaders from the Islamist nations like Albania, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Palestine,etc. participated in the rally for unity in France. This sanctifies the above quote that it is humanity, above all faiths, that matters.

It is not everyday that I get to quote Marx-

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

Religion was made to imbibe a flicker of hope in man. The fact that ‘religion was made’ is a debate in itself. Religion has reached the stage of fanaticism & extremism. Of all faiths, Islam is facing most criticisms for it worldwide. All the faiths in this world preach peace & humanity and Islam is not different.

Being a writer, I am an ardent supporter of free speech; but, I don’t advocate its use to mock any beliefs or hurt feelings of individuals of any particular faith. This does not mean that I support anti-blasphemy acts as well. Inhumane is inhumane. And such frequent acts by terror groups defame peace-loving Islam. These groups have maligned Islam to the extent that every other Muslim name sounds like that of a terrorist. But it is not so. I am not Muslim, but am a friend to several individuals who follow Islam. And, they are also humans. They, like individuals of all other faiths, condemn such acts. In fact, they feel worse on hearing such news. While the entire world mourns over the Charlie Hebdo victims, it is less likely that people notice what Muslims in France & Islam as a religion is going through. Muslims all over the globe aspire for a world order where they can proudly claim that it was peace-loving Islam that they had bequeathed from Prophet Mohammed & not the one the world is looking at, presently; a world order where they can proudly say, I am Islam. Je Suis Islam.

Je Suis Charlie.



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