When people say, they don’t completely read my blogs, I wonder why. But then, I understand they are too long. People dislike reading a message longer than 140 characters. My poetries go beyond 140 words! These days, people are lazy enough to express their anger; “Who the hell are you?” ends up in “WTHRU”! The next generation should therefore be called  “TNG”.

Simple reason to console myself.

If you require an entire word to chat, you have not yet seen the world of Internet slangs!


Imagine modern day Romeo texting his love –

“My bounty’s as boundless as d c,
My luv as deep; d more I gv to the,
d more I hv, fr both r ∞.”

(Read c=sea & the= thee)

and Shakespeare would have nearly lost his temper deciphering the slang!



It is not uncommon to find “pics” on “fb” with captions that herald-

‘selfie wid mah bru’

(No full stops. Smileys eliminated from the original text.)

I would have hardly understood it if I weren’t that “fbholic”!

On August 28th, 2013, Oxford Dictionaries Online announced that they would be adding 43 new words, many of which were internet slang terms including “Bitcoin,” “Derp,” “Selfie,” “Twerk”, etc. Between Twitter and Facebook, the announcement was shared more than 750 times. OMG!!

There are plenty of internet slang words that don’t make it in, like “wurfing” (the act of surfing the internet while at work).


One of my friends changed her status on Watsapp, that read something like this-

YOLO mode is ON!

I could have googled it to save myself from any sort of embarrassment, but that was me! Instead I texted her and asked her to explain that. So was the reply-

YOLO= You Only Live Once.

It was so nice of me when I didn’t reply-

YOUI= You Only Understand It.

I have a friend who likes talking to strangers on some social networking site. The usual (conversation) starts with “ASL”. One fine day, this friend of mine came across one such slang, “BTWITIAILWY”. He texted me if I knew what it means. I was smart enough to check it on Google, but before this messiah could help, this friend ended up replying, “WTF. which language  is this?” Before this, he knew just 2 slangs – “ASL” and “WTF”; he ended up adding another – “FO”.

(ASL= Age Sex Location. BTWITIAILWY= By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You. I don’t need to help you out with the other two F-word slangs. Most of you are used to it or have used it!)


With the present Watsapp boom, a wife-cooking-in-the-kitchen might text his husband-sitting-on-the-sofa, HWYD (How Was Your Day)? Whatever the husband might reply, but it definitely seems she is little interested in knowing.

People have even added ‘F’ to OMG! OMGD, that’s ridiculous!

(OMGD= Oh My God Dude)

YDWTK (You Don’t Want to Know) what that F stands for.

If LOL & ROFL are not enough to describe your laughing state, use ROFLMOA.

(ROFLMOA= Rolling on floor laughing like monkey on acid !!) LOLZ.

A lot of people ask, what will happen to the original language? My answer-

IDK (I don’t know). GTG (Got to go). TTYL (Talk to you later). GB (Good Bye).




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