The era of Processed News

The era of Processed NewsTechnology is changing. So is the medium of News.

Gone are the days when people used to wait for a copy of newspaper, BBC news broadcast on a radio set, or a prime time News show on DD National.  There were times when working members fought over the only copy of newspaper in the morning; times when the male-female groups in the family spat over prime time shows and unluckily Ekta kapoor shows won over news. Gone are those days!

Internet era brought with it the ultimate technological revolution that changed the way the news was served. The dish belonged to all and it served all. News was no longer about availability and time. Availability of news articles on the internet made sure you no longer have to depend on the newspapers. Then came the YouTube. It revolutionized the visuals in News industry and news channels had an alternative. Channels on the TV had now channels on YouTube. Watch all action anytime, anywhere. It was then that the News channels started digressing from presenting news to creating them! Competition changes the game.

But the game changer were the smart phones and the world of applications. Every news channel and major newspapers were forced to come up with their news apps and offer news totally free. Customer suddenly became the king! Nobody worried for the evening news because the news were at the fingertips. Daily news were now the instant news!! But with this started the information overload.  Notifications pinged like watsapp messages.  There was so much to consume for the reader that it lead many early birds deactivate their apps. Are these apps failing?

We have arrived to a new era. The era of processed news. This may be a new term to all the readers. Coining the term ‘Processed News’, it simply means bringing relevant simplified information for the user in the most presentable format so as to suffice the needs and interests of the consumer.

In this domain of Processed news lot of players have entered. These are mostly non-media entities i.e. no news channel or newspaper. The earliest one was DailyHunt or NewsHunt which leveraged on its regional language news delivering capability and association with prominent local newspapers and magazines.  E-books and publications make it the strong player in the industry. It doesn’t directly process the content. It processes the publications as per the user preference.

News In shorts (or Inshorts) is proving to be a challenger to DailyHunt in English language news service with its processed news format of 60-70 words and links to the articles of prominent newspapers. One of the first to define Indian market for short news. It is presently changing the game in short news.

NewsBytes steps in as a problem solver sorting out relevant content, presenting with a proper context. The company filters out available news and provide relevant ones in a contextual timeline. one finds bullets and images, timelines and facts – a very attractive format. It provides short form of news and on further peeking, a timeline format. NewsBytes believe, “Every news has a story, we provide you that story.” It is a completely different form of News offering and an engaging one. NewsBytes is a relatively new player and is carving out a niche for itself through its offering.

Way2News is the latest entrant with features combining NewsHunt and Inshorts. It offers news in regional languages, that too in a nutshell. And it has the backing of Way2SMS.

The era for Processed News has just begun. Currently players are playing their way. It’s time to shift our attention to the new domains of the news. Can these players change the dimensions the way YouTube and Firsthand NewsApps did? or is the change ephimeral? Only Time will tell.



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