Space Wars – now on your smartphones! (Part 1)

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I turn on my smartphone, swipe through various screens before I find photo-editing app surrounded by many apps; some of these content based, others payment based.  I turn my eyes to the front camera, try to give the best pose possible and press the capture button. But, before  I could check the pic, a warning message pops on the screen.

“System memory is low. Try cleaning some stuff. “

If I say this is the problem with every youngster’s cellphone, it may be an understatement. Even the other generation of smartphone users are now facing space issues. Selfies of high definition are taken frequent enough to ensure consuming majority of space. Easy-to-share whatsapp images add to the gallery space consumption. If you are a music lover, you keep a playlist, no matter how much WiFi access you get for free. And a gaming-buff may end up piling voluminous games in his cellphone.

Whatever is left is allotted to the precious apps that serve your purpose, be it saving time or money. Generally, the popular utility- apps are that of  e-commerce found on every single individual’s smartphone, thanks to the world of cheap internet and a duniya of coupons! Check on any youth’s smartphone, icons will more or less be the same. Peeping into the smartest invention of the century, one may find e-tail store, taxi-hailing service, e-grocery store, e-recharge shop, booking services, and lots of payment based e-commerce apps (m-commerce). There is a fierce battle for existence among the similar apps, each trying to leverage upon the advantages it have.   But is the battle so limited?

Last day, I was hearing to Mr. Kunal Shah, founder of Freecharge, when this thought suddenly struck my mind. Is the war for smartphone space so limited? Is it just about Uber vs. Ola, Flipkart vs. Snapdeal vs. Amazon, Freecharge vs. PayTm, BigBasket vs. PepperTap, or similar other e-commerce apps fighting to get each other’s space on a smartphone? The war for space is not limited to similar apps. Technically, every other app on google play store or every other app installed in your smartphone is in direct competition to all the other apps- similar or dissimilar. While Snapdeal is battling with Flipkart on prices, it is technically fighting with every single app on the smartphone, be it Bookmyshow or Zomato or PayTm or even Ola. Space is limited!

Space war is a cut-throat war. Either you screw others or you screw yourself!

-Satyagni Registered & Protected 

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