Space Wars – now on your smartphones! (Part 2) – Kunal Shah answers

Excerpt from Part-1

Last day, I was listening to Mr. Kunal Shah, founder of Freecharge, when this thought suddenly struck my mind. Is the war for smartphone space so limited? Is it just about Uber vs. Ola, Flipkart vs. Snapdeal vs. Amazon, Freecharge vs. PayTm, BigBasket vs. PepperTap, or similar other e-commerce apps fighting to get each other’s space on a smartphone? The war for space is not limited to similar apps. Technically, every other app on google play store or every other app installed in your smartphone is in direct competition to all the other apps- similar or dissimilar. While Snapdeal is battling with Flipkart on prices, it is technically fighting with every single app on the smartphone, be it Bookmyshow or Zomato or PayTm or even Ola. Space is limited!

Well, the video answers everything. Hear directly from the horse’s mouth.

min: 16:49  (Kunal Shah answers my question)

‘Apps are like bookmarks!’

-Kunal Shah



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