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Childhood Lost

Today is a very special day for 9 year old Preeti. Today is Children’s day.

She wakes up in her room to find her favorite books neatly organized in what seemed like her own mini-library. She always wanted her own library where she would keep her fairy tales and comic books. Her mom and dad comes to her room with her favorite chocolates. They have planned an entire day for her. After school, they will take her to amusement park and spend rest of the day with her. After all, she is their only child. Besides, Preeti is also excited for children’s day celebration at her school.

Image result for child educationImage result for child education

Today is a normal day for 9 year old Najma. Today is just like any other day.

She wakes up in the only room in her kachha makan to find her sibling still sleeping on an extremely uncomfortable piece of mattress. Her mom is in the kitchen performing daily chores. She has to lend her some help in preparing food. Her 11 year old brother will  go to government school.  She sees her brother enjoy at the school daily. She also wants to study, but her parents can’t afford both their children’s study. Last year they decided to discontinue Najma’s study. She then started serving as a domestic help with her mother.

Same day. Two different stories. Two different India.

Child rights

How many more children will lose their childhood? NGOs like ‘CRY – Child Rights and You’ fight to protect the rights of children. But a lot is yet to be done. NGOs can make no difference without our involvement. It is our support and motivation that keeps them going.

This Children’s day let us try to bridge the gap between Preeti and Najma. If ‘Preeti – the privileged’ lends a book from her vast library to ‘Najma – the underprivileged’, the change has begun! Many of us  are Preetis and we know Najmas exist. But we hardly do anything.

                                                                          * * *

School is the beginning of change. And every child has a right to school. So CRY in association with IMI New Delhi organized a small charity event to help give children the school they deserve.

IMI stands for Child Rights

To the tunes of Ori Chiraiya and Taare Zameen Par, coffee became a memorable experience for students at IMI. They pledged for child rights over a cup of coffee worth Rs. 20. From ‘never exploiting a child’ to ‘educating at least 5 children around me’, some 10 different pledges were made by hundreds of students. They signed their cups after a refreshing coffee with their pledge on it and stuck it to the wall of change.   Every coffee was a step to change some child’s future.  The collected money would be utilized to develop a library for the underprivileged children.

Well,  a lot can change over coffee!

IMI stands for Child rights

Every child has a right to dream. Taking away a child’s right to school kills that child’s right to dream. There are millions of such childhoods lost in our country. On this Children’s day let us support CRY in its effort to protect children and childhood.



Reason to return!

11:45 PM

The train was supposed to be at the station. I was supposed to be in the compartment. Luggage underneath the lower berth, my head underneath the blanket. But then, I was supposed to be somewhere doing something, happily. Things never go as per plan! At least in the last few days, it didn’t go that way.

Rejected in VISA approval tests. Failed attempts in clearing finals. Accumulated installments of unpaid loan. Unemployment. And tragic demise of grandfather. Broken emotionally and financially.

The city felt so lively even at the twelfth hour, buzzing with youths on two-wheelers out in the city enjoying hot masala-chai on a chilly winter night or couples returning to their place after a well spent evening at some posh restaurant. There were random passersby pedaling their bicycles with pace to replace the person on duty. Sadly, these people felt more cold than the guys returning from work. There were engines revved up to the call centers to attend clients sitting in far west. And then, there were dogs barking at strangers.

Still, a stranded dog has far more reasons to feel better than a rejected and dejected urbane in his mid-20s.

11:50 PM

I checked my tickets twice. At the right platform, right time.

But then, I had checked all my VISA details twice. Again right place, right time. Or was the time right? Didn’t miss a detail. Everything was mentioned. Everything. Mentioning that the only person in my family was a debt-struck grandfather was everything. And VISA to return disappointed to grandfather’s place was approved. REJECTED in bold and not-at-all beautiful letters!

Mess up one thing and you start repeating it in all other things. Finals were a repeat of VISA fiasco except that I supported it hopelessly by not preparing. FAILED in bold and not-at-all beautiful letters!

Unemployment was to follow when there were ‘cleared in first attempt’ jobless available in market.

With broken dreams and a flicker of hope, all you can set your eyes on is the city of dreams. The train would arrive and carry loads of dreams; some would reach destination, few would survive and the rest would return in the same train.

11:55 PM

There is nothing left for me in this city. No reason to return!

Grandpa was a reason for years of my stay there. The reason was no more.

Every time I left the city, I had him standing beside me waiting for the train, and then waving me back as it chugged off the station.  This time the wait seemed longer than usual.  Grandpa was my family. No family, no home!

I am done with this city. 

00:00 AM

I can’t wait here anymore. Where the f**k is train?  

‘Driver’s birthday! Must be having his piece of cake.’

And there, they were, the other two musketeers. They have been with me since my school days. They were there when grandpa passed away, while I was facing a so-called interview. They were the ones who broke that news to me, later. They were present in all those important moments, and today.

‘The train is delayed by an hour. And I believe, you didn’t listen to all those announcements! Did you?’  And they laughed.  I forced a smile. They were right. I didn’t listen to any announcement made. I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts and the best I did was a glance at the watch.

For the next hour, we had ‘Masala Chai’ at the platform, talked about misses and stitches, failures and hopes, and the old school days. Everything was same then, except that there was little more fun. They had their share of failures and disappointments, too.

The wait was no longer getting heavier on me. All my negative thoughts had subsided. Finally, the train arrived. We wished and hugged each other.  The train was ready to depart.

The next time I come, I hope to see both of you again at the station. Goodbye. 

Search | Online Series

I love taking up interesting projects and this is one of them. ‘Search’ is an online short story series. I will come up with single page chapters that are full of twists and turns every week.  I present to you Search #1. Hope you enjoy this and wait for the second.

search | 1

Space Wars – now on your smartphones! (Part 2) – Kunal Shah answers

Excerpt from Part-1

Last day, I was listening to Mr. Kunal Shah, founder of Freecharge, when this thought suddenly struck my mind. Is the war for smartphone space so limited? Is it just about Uber vs. Ola, Flipkart vs. Snapdeal vs. Amazon, Freecharge vs. PayTm, BigBasket vs. PepperTap, or similar other e-commerce apps fighting to get each other’s space on a smartphone? The war for space is not limited to similar apps. Technically, every other app on google play store or every other app installed in your smartphone is in direct competition to all the other apps- similar or dissimilar. While Snapdeal is battling with Flipkart on prices, it is technically fighting with every single app on the smartphone, be it Bookmyshow or Zomato or PayTm or even Ola. Space is limited!

Well, the video answers everything. Hear directly from the horse’s mouth.

min: 16:49  (Kunal Shah answers my question)

‘Apps are like bookmarks!’

-Kunal Shah


The era of Processed News

The era of Processed NewsTechnology is changing. So is the medium of News.

Gone are the days when people used to wait for a copy of newspaper, BBC news broadcast on a radio set, or a prime time News show on DD National.  There were times when working members fought over the only copy of newspaper in the morning; times when the male-female groups in the family spat over prime time shows and unluckily Ekta kapoor shows won over news. Gone are those days!

Internet era brought with it the ultimate technological revolution that changed the way the news was served. The dish belonged to all and it served all. News was no longer about availability and time. Availability of news articles on the internet made sure you no longer have to depend on the newspapers. Then came the YouTube. It revolutionized the visuals in News industry and news channels had an alternative. Channels on the TV had now channels on YouTube. Watch all action anytime, anywhere. It was then that the News channels started digressing from presenting news to creating them! Competition changes the game.

But the game changer were the smart phones and the world of applications. Every news channel and major newspapers were forced to come up with their news apps and offer news totally free. Customer suddenly became the king! Nobody worried for the evening news because the news were at the fingertips. Daily news were now the instant news!! But with this started the information overload.  Notifications pinged like watsapp messages.  There was so much to consume for the reader that it lead many early birds deactivate their apps. Are these apps failing?

We have arrived to a new era. The era of processed news. This may be a new term to all the readers. Coining the term ‘Processed News’, it simply means bringing relevant simplified information for the user in the most presentable format so as to suffice the needs and interests of the consumer.

In this domain of Processed news lot of players have entered. These are mostly non-media entities i.e. no news channel or newspaper. The earliest one was DailyHunt or NewsHunt which leveraged on its regional language news delivering capability and association with prominent local newspapers and magazines.  E-books and publications make it the strong player in the industry. It doesn’t directly process the content. It processes the publications as per the user preference.

News In shorts (or Inshorts) is proving to be a challenger to DailyHunt in English language news service with its processed news format of 60-70 words and links to the articles of prominent newspapers. One of the first to define Indian market for short news. It is presently changing the game in short news.

NewsBytes steps in as a problem solver sorting out relevant content, presenting with a proper context. The company filters out available news and provide relevant ones in a contextual timeline. one finds bullets and images, timelines and facts – a very attractive format. It provides short form of news and on further peeking, a timeline format. NewsBytes believe, “Every news has a story, we provide you that story.” It is a completely different form of News offering and an engaging one. NewsBytes is a relatively new player and is carving out a niche for itself through its offering.

Way2News is the latest entrant with features combining NewsHunt and Inshorts. It offers news in regional languages, that too in a nutshell. And it has the backing of Way2SMS.

The era for Processed News has just begun. Currently players are playing their way. It’s time to shift our attention to the new domains of the news. Can these players change the dimensions the way YouTube and Firsthand NewsApps did? or is the change ephimeral? Only Time will tell.


Common Man, Uncommon Journey


Prakash completed writing a letter to The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Not that he was writing him for the first time. But this one had nothing to do with any of his problems or about his admiration for the PM. This was something large, something very important.  He read the entire letter again. Before placing it in the A4 size envelope, he glanced at the subject that read, ‘Make in Andherpur’.


Andherpur, a place unknown to most of the Indians, is the hometown of Prakash. The town was named so because of the very fact that electricity was a distant dream a decade back. Now Andherpur enjoys few hours of paid electricity some fine day. Prakash had attained some technical knowledge before returning to Andherpur where he worked at the tea stall. The city was expensive enough to meet the ends. In his hometown, serving a cup of tea at the Dhaba would do.

Tea-stalls were merely a place of gossip and talk for local tea-drinkers.  Be it Bollywood or Cricket, Tea-stalls have their own set of experts. Political issues were touched for fun. It was with the beginning of ‘Chai Pe Charcha‘ campaign that these talks turned to serious political discussions. Nobody at the Tea- Stall knew that that would change the game for Narendra Modi. Neither had anybody thought that the same ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ would change Prakash’s life.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to occasionally serve tea to the customers of his father’s tea-stall. His chaiwala background was mocked by Mani Shankar Aiyer, a senior leader of the Congress Party. Mr. Modi seized this opportunity and emphasized on his humble background by organizing a public discussion campaign called ‘Chai Pe Charcha’.


Prakash would listen to these discussions on radio intently. He would try to picturize himself in Modi’s position. He was amazed by the fact that an ordinary tea-selling boy could stand for the post of PM. He had decided his ballot choice by then.  He had also decided that he would change his path. But he had no idea how.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

-Milton Berle

One day while Prakash was listening to a piece of news featuring Modi on a radio hung near a khatiya, the tea-stall owner switched it off. He then turned to Prakash and asked him to focus on tea. He didn’t turn it on even at the request of customers.

“Ab apne Prakash ko bhi chaiwale se PM banna hai (Now even our Prakash wants to become a PM from a tea seller)”, he mocked.


But Prakash was silent. He was deeply engrossed in his thoughts. He noticed the customers bickering over the radio being turned off. They wanted to listen to Modi. These customers then started their own discussion on Modi’s chances as PM, while having a cup of chai in their hands.

Prakash started Chai Pe Charcha at his new tea-stall.  A stove, kerosene, some milk, water, cups and saucers, and a place by bus station; his tea-stall was ready. It wasn’t so simple but he managed to borrow some money from his landlord. He bought a radio and hung it by his kiosk. He painted the front part of his kiosk black and used it to write NaMo’s campaign news. On the top of all news, he wrote Chai Pe Charcha.

With some capital and an idea, no one can stop a common man turn into a real businessman.

One day, a guy carried a newspaper with him to his tea-stall. Some regular ones started asking for news and the Charcha started. It went longer than the usual ones. There was a kiosk nearby selling newspapers. He saw people engaged in a similar discussion. The next day, he bought a local newspaper. The newspaper service was offered free to the visitors. The idea clicked. And Prakash’s tea-stall was a hit.

On one hand, while Modi was boiling up controversies and addressing rallies after rallies, Prakash kept on boiling water for tea.  Prakash kept on trying things. He came up with a special NaMo tea (with extra cardamom and ginger), the strongest one available with Prakash. He attracted a lot of attention then. Several BJP workers came to his shop and offered him money to put BJP flag and a small poster of NaMo in his stall. He agreed. With that money, he bought several NaMo accessories from a nearby city. NaMo T-shirts, kites, keychains etc. left several guys from the regular discussion groups go crazy.  Some pro-BJP supporters happily ordered for more as they found it a good way of promotion in Andherpur. He had added an extra kiosk by his side to sell those accessories. He brought in snacks to sell. Prakash was no more just a tea seller. He was a complete businessman.


He realized it sooner that he had opened up several new avenues of doing business for himself. He wanted to dedicate all his success to Mr. Modi. He thought of writing a letter. He knew his letter would go unnoticed. Probability of reading it was hardly any. He stilled posted it.


Modi used the catchphrase ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’, connecting the youth during a rally in Himachal Pradesh. This catchphrase was first used by the Late Captain Vikram Batra during the Kargil war. It is connected with the sentiments of people of Himachal Pradesh. Pepsi had also come up with its commercial in 1999 using the same catchphrase.


Prakash heard those lines and his heart spoke at once ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’. He had thought of expansion. Now he knew the plan. He contacted Pepsi for retailing. He had no idea about this business, but now he was confident of learning any business. He required an investment. A kiosk was not sufficient. He needed money for security deposits to Pepsi,a refrigerator and above all electricity. In electricity-deficient Andherpur, Pepsi’s presence was thus limited. In all shops across Andherpur, freezer was just a formality. Prakash came up with the idea of using charcoal-covered water pots. The temperature inside the pot used to be lower than the room temperature. Prakash’s conventional way worked. No need of electricity. He later bought a freezer from his previous employer in the city where he worked as a technician. But the electricity problem left him thinking.


He addressed his concern over electricity deficiency in his letter to NaMo. It was once again a futile effort.

NaMo said in one of his speeches,

‘Mind is never a problem. Mindset is.’

He pondered over the issue once again. Until then he had never given it a thought. Sleeping in the open was a routine. There was no reason to it so far. From that day onwards, he would stare at the sky for long before sleeping.


It was the day of election results. Prakash’s tea-stall was a special attraction. BJP workers had organized a TV screen in front of the tea-stall. Prakash had seized this opportunity and declared that he would offer a free chai for every seat BJP wins. Modi was seizing one seat after the other. For Prakash, it was no less than a dream. He had hundreds of customers at his kiosk, which was by then a converted shop. The radio was silent. The screen was on and so was the celebration. There were two chaiwalas seeing their dreams fulfilled that day. One was the talk of the entire nation, other the talk of the town.


The next day, a newspaper covered an article on chaiwalas of India. The article covered a tea shop owner couple who visited 16 countries because they had a passion for travelling. This couple took loans, visited a country and then sold tea for next three years to repay it. Passion for travelling kept them going. The article presented Laxman Rao, a Chaiwala who authored 24 books in Hindi. His passion for learning brought him to M.A. class at 62 years of age.

Prakash was doing well in his business. But inside his heart, he knew that the conditions in Andherpur were not suitable for business. If he ever wanted to become Dhirubhai Ambani, he had to leave the place. Andherpur was simply not a place for big business. He had his options open. He could move back to the city, but something was preventing him to do so. He wanted to live in his own town. Either he could wait for the government to come to his deprived town and solve the problems or else approach the authority himself.  He chose the latter one.

Electricity was the solution to major problems in Andherpur. No amount of  written applications to the local government could help the town. Andherpur was dark then, dark now. However, Prakash believed there was only one way out; the highest authority – PM.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come up with a series of initiatives like Jan Dhan Yojna, Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojna, Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna, Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan, etc. in no time.  Prakash actively participated in each of these causes.


But the project that intrigued him the most was Make in India campaign. He didn’t understand it at first. People thought that Make in India was meant for cities, not places like Andherpur. Why would a huge firm invest in Andherpur?

Make in India is an initiative program of the Government of India to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India. It is based on PM’s vision of making India a global manufacturing hub.


Solar Energy. The only source of light, the only available source of energy in Andherpur was solar energy, although in the form of sunlight. When firms like SBG Cleantech, SunEdison Inc, ReNew Power Ventures committed huge investment in Renewable energy in India, Prakash thought of the aspect of those investments in Andherpur. ‘What if these companies put up their plants here? Solar energy can be the new lifeline for this town.’ He knew it was time for another letter

There was no reply to any of his letters so far. There were high chances that one more letter might undergo the same treatment.  He had to ensure that every word he writes in the letter counts. He had also to ensure that the letter didn’t go unnoticed.

Prakash changed his tea-selling strategy. Instead of glasses, he started selling tea in kullad. With each kullad, he was selling a dream- Make in Andherpur. He wrote about it outside his shop. Every tea-drinker was asked to carry that kullad to house. On the night of Amavasya (New moon), entire town glimmered with lamplights. The atmosphere was no less than that of Diwali.


Thousands of kullad were captured from a high spot in the town. Prakash had called a photographer from the nearby city.


The next day, he wrote a letter to PM.


Dear Shri Narendra Modi ji,

I write this letter to you for the nth time, each time with same conviction, same hope. But today  I believe my letter will find you, because this letter is an invitation from thousands of townsmen of Andherpur. I know that you may not have heard of such a town. But then, how can you? There is no town as such. Or, is it? Every town that reflects the state my town is in, is Andherpur. The kullad sent to you represents lamp- a symbol of enlightenment .The photograph sent to you show thousands of these that lit life in the dark Andherpur.

I would like to compliment you for initiating ‘Make in India’ campaign. But the real place where anything needs to be made is Andherpur or places like it. Therefore, I would like you to convey our message to these investing companies, ‘Come, Make in Andherpur’.

I would have liked to tell you how big your admirer I am, but then I would have to attach those n letters with this one. May be some day when you find them, you will definitely know. 


Your admirer, Prakash


Prakash was in his shop making chai when a postman came up to him with a big envelope. On the envelope was written,’ Government of India’. Prakash opened it with his knife to find a letter neatly typed in Hindi. He read it. He read it again to his disbelief. It was a letter from the Prime Minister himself. The body of the letter read,

            ‘Chai ke liye kab aa rahe ho? (when are you coming for tea?)’



Indelible Chaos Morsels

Turn your eyes,

Or get ready to read it twice;

For the mystery is unsolved,

The malady has evolved,

And the love is lost;

But it will cost!

A Morsel to read,

Chaos to deal,

And footprints we leave-

Indelible it will!

the emperor of all maladies

the emperor of all maladies

The Emperor of all Maladies. ‪#‎CoverPage‬
A morsel that will leave an indelible mark and chaos within you.
My first short story getting published in Indelible Chaos Morsels.



When people say, they don’t completely read my blogs, I wonder why. But then, I understand they are too long. People dislike reading a message longer than 140 characters. My poetries go beyond 140 words! These days, people are lazy enough to express their anger; “Who the hell are you?” ends up in “WTHRU”! The next generation should therefore be called  “TNG”.

Simple reason to console myself.

If you require an entire word to chat, you have not yet seen the world of Internet slangs!


Imagine modern day Romeo texting his love –

“My bounty’s as boundless as d c,
My luv as deep; d more I gv to the,
d more I hv, fr both r ∞.”

(Read c=sea & the= thee)

and Shakespeare would have nearly lost his temper deciphering the slang!



It is not uncommon to find “pics” on “fb” with captions that herald-

‘selfie wid mah bru’

(No full stops. Smileys eliminated from the original text.)

I would have hardly understood it if I weren’t that “fbholic”!

On August 28th, 2013, Oxford Dictionaries Online announced that they would be adding 43 new words, many of which were internet slang terms including “Bitcoin,” “Derp,” “Selfie,” “Twerk”, etc. Between Twitter and Facebook, the announcement was shared more than 750 times. OMG!!

There are plenty of internet slang words that don’t make it in, like “wurfing” (the act of surfing the internet while at work).


One of my friends changed her status on Watsapp, that read something like this-

YOLO mode is ON!

I could have googled it to save myself from any sort of embarrassment, but that was me! Instead I texted her and asked her to explain that. So was the reply-

YOLO= You Only Live Once.

It was so nice of me when I didn’t reply-

YOUI= You Only Understand It.

I have a friend who likes talking to strangers on some social networking site. The usual (conversation) starts with “ASL”. One fine day, this friend of mine came across one such slang, “BTWITIAILWY”. He texted me if I knew what it means. I was smart enough to check it on Google, but before this messiah could help, this friend ended up replying, “WTF. which language  is this?” Before this, he knew just 2 slangs – “ASL” and “WTF”; he ended up adding another – “FO”.

(ASL= Age Sex Location. BTWITIAILWY= By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You. I don’t need to help you out with the other two F-word slangs. Most of you are used to it or have used it!)


With the present Watsapp boom, a wife-cooking-in-the-kitchen might text his husband-sitting-on-the-sofa, HWYD (How Was Your Day)? Whatever the husband might reply, but it definitely seems she is little interested in knowing.

People have even added ‘F’ to OMG! OMGD, that’s ridiculous!

(OMGD= Oh My God Dude)

YDWTK (You Don’t Want to Know) what that F stands for.

If LOL & ROFL are not enough to describe your laughing state, use ROFLMOA.

(ROFLMOA= Rolling on floor laughing like monkey on acid !!) LOLZ.

A lot of people ask, what will happen to the original language? My answer-

IDK (I don’t know). GTG (Got to go). TTYL (Talk to you later). GB (Good Bye).


Je Suis Islam

Man makes religion, religion does not make Man. 

Someone might have noticed ‘M’ in Man & ‘r’ in religion & pointed out a mistake in the previous sentence. To others, it might not have grabbed enough attention, or if any, it might have been simply neglected. However, I would like to bring this to your notice that it is deliberately written so.

The massacre in France undoubtedly raised human affection to the level where Humanity stood united above religion. Few gunmen thundered into the Charlie Hebdo office, opened fire and killed the editor & the cartoonists of the satirical newspaper that published cartoons insulting The Prophet. It was blasphemous, according to the gunmen. France being secular, gives the right to express and hence, the right to offend. Whether it was blasphemous or not is not the issue which concerns the world. The deteriorating image of Islam is the major concern for peace-loving Muslims worldwide. While millions participated in the rally for unity irrespective of faiths, there were hardly few to stand for the gunmen. While few terror groups still considered them martyrs of Islam, Muslims around France and the entire world condemn the act calling them terrorists. Leaders from the Islamist nations like Albania, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Palestine,etc. participated in the rally for unity in France. This sanctifies the above quote that it is humanity, above all faiths, that matters.

It is not everyday that I get to quote Marx-

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

Religion was made to imbibe a flicker of hope in man. The fact that ‘religion was made’ is a debate in itself. Religion has reached the stage of fanaticism & extremism. Of all faiths, Islam is facing most criticisms for it worldwide. All the faiths in this world preach peace & humanity and Islam is not different.

Being a writer, I am an ardent supporter of free speech; but, I don’t advocate its use to mock any beliefs or hurt feelings of individuals of any particular faith. This does not mean that I support anti-blasphemy acts as well. Inhumane is inhumane. And such frequent acts by terror groups defame peace-loving Islam. These groups have maligned Islam to the extent that every other Muslim name sounds like that of a terrorist. But it is not so. I am not Muslim, but am a friend to several individuals who follow Islam. And, they are also humans. They, like individuals of all other faiths, condemn such acts. In fact, they feel worse on hearing such news. While the entire world mourns over the Charlie Hebdo victims, it is less likely that people notice what Muslims in France & Islam as a religion is going through. Muslims all over the globe aspire for a world order where they can proudly claim that it was peace-loving Islam that they had bequeathed from Prophet Mohammed & not the one the world is looking at, presently; a world order where they can proudly say, I am Islam. Je Suis Islam.

Je Suis Charlie.


new beginnings!!

new beginningsHow would a poet start a new year? Definitely, with a poem. A new year with new aspirations, new ideas & most importantly, new beginning. Dump your old resolution in the recycle bin of your mind and start with a new one. When dream ends, life definitely ends. Either keep your dream alive or try a new one- this time, bigger than before.

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
   Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
   And things are not what they seem.

Reading Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on the first day of new year definitely proves my interest in his poetries, but what brings me to ‘A Psalm of Life’ is the veracity with which the philosophy of life is written. I ‘m not going to end up posting his entire poem, neither the essence of poem, but a stanza that keeps me enthralled every time I come across.

Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
   Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act— act in the living Present!
   Heart within, and God o’erhead!
The future will remind us of what we had in past, and slowly will slip to join the past. The present is a present to unwrap. Let us bury the past & start fresh. Let us act in the present.
“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
Definitely, a message to store in memory!
I carry ‘little optimism’ to expect any rumblings of peaceful 2015, but my heart still wishes for no more aviation mishaps or terror attacks to occur, in 365 frames to come in 2015.