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Book review of Despite Love


Mistakes Happen…
After all, we are human.

Smriti wanted to be alone, away from Risabh. Their tumultuous relationship was too much for her to take. There was too much pain and sadness and they were staring at a point of no return. She needed a break from him, she thought. But little did she realise that she would be gone from him forever.

Risabh is shattered as he loses the love of his life in mysterious circumstances. Unable to come to terms with reality, he is constantly tormented by the memories of his past. With the investigating inspector pinpointing the murderer, it seems to be an open-and-shut case. Till things take a murkier turn with the death of another close friend of Risabh…

And then there is yet another murder, just as Risabh is about to pick up the pieces of his life again. Is there a professional killer out on the loose and is Risabh next in line?

Despite Love: Love. Hate. Murder. Deception. Some Secrets Are Meant to Be Revealed. by [Srivastava, Siddhartha]


Unattractive cover. Decent blurb. Good reviews on Amazon & Goodreads.

First look of the book doesn’t justify a really good plot written inside!

With the suspense element added in the very beginning, Prologue added curiosity and this was maintained throughout the book.

Climax and end gives this book an edge.

Gripping plot, good imagination!

Also, consider the fact that the suspense thriller is written by a 12th grader who aspires to become India’s Sidney Sheldon.


Suspense Thriller Novel
Despite Love by Siddhartha Srivastava

Saying anything on the story line can spill some beans. Rather read it!

‘Despite Love’ is a story of Risabh, his love life Smriti, and other friends who plan a reunion. But none of them wondered it would turn dark for them.

Gripping plot. Strong story line.

Organized in 4 parts, the book has a got a good structure. Parts in Delhi, New York and Hyderabad are used well.

The places used in the story failed to create the connect and feel that these metros give.

At certain places in the book, depiction is beautiful. Narration of Risabh’s life and his past memories are frequently used, giving it a Bollywood flavour. And then at times, the dialogue delivery and description doesn’t match his own standard!

There were portions in the book where plot was certain, but climax compensates for all minor errors.

P.S. The writer is 17 years old and is able to pull out a book with so much maturity. He has shown a lot of promise. All the best for your future endeavours, Sid!


Book review of ‘A Walk in the Rain’ by ‘Udai Yadla’

A walk in the rain by Udai Yadla


Love is a poison that kills you. Love is an elixir that keeps you alive.

A story of an introvert, caught in a brawl,  who finds himself in the company of a well mannered, intelligent, courageous, full-of-self-pride yet a money monger prostitute on a long trip of vengeance. The trip will constantly take introvert Sunny to his beautiful past while taking prostitute Saloni to her ill-fated troubled past. Destiny brings them together for a purpose. A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions that come out during the trip – full of action and thrill, twists and mysteries, love and redemption.


Attractive cover. Decent blurb. Good reviews on Amazon & Goodreads.

First Look : Passed

Prologue didn’t fit in much.

Climax and End gives this book an edge.

Interesting plot, good imagination. But a great work ruined by poor work of editing, proof reading.


A walk in the rain
Book review of ‘A walk in the rain’

D = Detailing to work.  Score : 3/5

The lead characters – Sunny and Saloni – are described in great detail. The book revolves around their past and covers minute details. The locations covered were not relatable and hence required better description.  However, the core of the book – Sunny’s relusive nature and Saloni’s troubled past are beautifully interwoven with emotions that gradually change over time.

R = Realistic weaving of the fiction.  Score : 4/5

The story was not set in relatable locations which weakened reader connect. Having said that, emotions were nicely weaved to add flavour of reality. The chats of a prostitute and young lad, humane side of people involved in prostitution, etc. potrayed dark side of our society.

O = Organized.  Score : 3.5/5

Poorly organized. The story has a timeline which goes unnoticed because of poor editing and structure. One can follow the sequence of events taking place in the story most of the times, but may lose track when Sunny suddenly drifts into past.

P = Plot and Characters. Score : 4.5/5

Plot kept me engaged inspite of no. of issues in the narration and editing. Strong character buildup of Sunny, Sandy and Saloni, simultaneous involvment of supporting characters -Pooja, Sam and Imran helped the plot in many ways.The plot had moments of crime and brawls, smart ideas, action sequences, strong climax and stronger end, aniticipated twist towards the end, etc. It’s a perfect bollywood match drapped in artistry.

S = Story Telling. Score = 3/5

OK narration with poor dialogue delivery and description. Monologues of Sunny did good enough to help a reader understand a reclusive’s mind. It is always difficult to potray an introvert in narration. Any book on love, romance or troubled past is expected to have good one liners that remain etched in the minds of readers for long. However, that did not happen with this book. One strong positive in story telling was the frequent transition from present to past and nostalgia involving some beautiful memories from childhood.

Overall,  better narration, lesser grammatical and spelling errors, and better dialogues could have made this book Udai Yadla’s masterpiece. What Udai Yadla missed was a good editor.

It’s a one time read for new readers.

Thank you Writersmelon for sending me this book.





Finding Juliet by Toffee

Finding Juliet by Toffee


Arjun is a sweet, simple guy who is so unlucky in love that he almost lets go of life. Enter his saviour Krish, who turns him into an irresistible flirt, making his life more colourful. But will he find true happiness or has he lost that opportunity?

Join Arjun as he tries to figure out women and discovers the meaning of love, lust and life.. all in his journey of Finding Juliet


Image result for 4 star rating

Definitely a book to spend an evening with! ‘Finding Juliet’ is book for train journeys. Indeed I completed it during my train travel.

I believe youngsters will relate to Arjun and keep turning pages till they reach the end. Engrossing. Indeed, the writer pulled of a Durjoy Dutta in the initial chapters. It reminded me of ‘The Backbenchers’ series.

Finding Juliet by Toffee Review
Finding Juliet by Toffee Book Review

DROPS FRAMEWORK FOR FICTION – Created by Smit Kothari D=Detailing to work R=Realistic weaving of the fiction O=Organized or structured story line P=Plot and Characters S=Story telling Book Review : Finding Juliet

D = Detailing to work.  Score : 3/5

Arjun turns from an ordinary guy to a cool, irresistible flirt. His conversion to flirt is described in great detail. The chapter ‘enlightenment’, based on Krish’s advice on women to Arjun, is beautifully written. The author’s choice of words tell us how he understands women psychology deeply. The core of the book – Arjun’s personality change and dilemma of love, lust and life – is discussed in great depth.

R = Realistic weaving of the fiction.  Score : 3.5/5

The story is set in Hyderabad and Bangalore mostly. Use of places like Charminar, Hussain Sagar lake, pubs, shopping and dining places fits well to the storyline. The bomb blasts also add an interesting element to the story. These small patches of real details add essence to this fiction drama. In fact every guy can relate to the lead character Arjun.

O = Organized.  Score : 4/5

Organized in 2 acts, the story gives us two different Arjun – the geek and the flirt. But we are what we are. A drastic change may temporarily be welcomed, but then you start missing your old self. The sequence of events and flow of emotions go well with the story. Anjali, Arjun’s childhood friend, stays through the entire plot and keeps returning at the right moments.

P = Plot and Characters. Score : 4/5

Friends, True Friends, Girlfriends, Crush, Mentor – Characters are lively. Amazing how these simple characters have weaved a story so real. Almost everyone has a true female friend, childhood friends, college friends and colleagues. Connect with each of these set of friends is different. One can totally relate these strong connections between the characters.

Distinctively, you also realize in the story how you lose friends with time – some gets filtered, some voluntarily leaves and some by circumstances. But true ones remain there, irrespective of time.

S = Story Telling. Score = 4.5/5

Dialogues, description, monologue and lyrics – so perfect that I would love to keep some of those in my Goodreads quote section. One can relate to every statement made on love, lust and life- as if taken from your heart and put in the book.

“Maybe there is some insane pleasure in self-destruction and hitting rock bottom because once you reach there, you can only go up.”

“Behind every person there lies a story which makes them what they are. Many a time, the story isn’t known to anybody.”

And some simple, touching lines

I can see your face,
But I can’t see you anymore.
I can look into your eyes,
But I can’t read them anymore.
You hold my hand,
But I don’t feel the love anymore.
You touch my body,
but you don’t touch my soul anymore.

All I can say is I completed this book in one go and it was great to spend an evening musing over this book.

Thank you writersmelon.com and Toffee for this book.

Comparing Books One Indian Girl, The Four Patriots

In October first week, Rupa Publications launched two fiction books- Chetan Bhagat’s ‘One Indian Girl’ and Sumit Agarwal’s ‘The Four Patriots’. Interestingly, both these books are hitting the right notes at the right time; clearly winning the sentiments of Indian readers. No doubt Rupa is called ‘The House of Bestsellers’!

One Indian Girl by Chetan BhagatThe Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal

One Indian Girl & The Four Patriots : Points of Parity and Difference 

1.Contemporary Fiction

Both the books are contemporary fiction. While ‘One Indian Girl’ is like the other fiction works of Chetan Bhagat involving romance and youth, ‘The Four Patriots’ has elements of patriotism, politics and thriller.

2. Based on issues in Indian Society

Both the books address issues prevalent in the Indian society.

One Indian Girl is clearly based on women empowerment and feminism – topics on tip of tongue.  The recent movie ‘PINK’, supporting an altogether different theme of feminism, brought Indian women in picture and this worked for Chetan Bhagat. ‘One Indian Girl’ had record breaking pre-orders of 2 Lakh copies by 20th September, 11 days before official launch of the book!

The Four Patriots is based on four individuals dissatisfied with the system, who set on a journey to change things and bring back glory to the nation. Clearly based on patriotism, it has elements of Terrorism, poor performance in Olympics, Caste-based reservations, water issues between states, thereby clearly taking public sentiments hands on. The recent Uri attacks, surgical strikes and approach with Pakistan is icing on the cake for Sumit.

3. Chetan Bhagat & Sumit Agarwal

While Chetan Bhagat is a brand in himself, a youth icon; Sumit Agarwal is a first time writer.  Just like Chetan Bhagat, Sumit is also an IITian getting into writing. (Seems like IITians don’t want to be just engineers!) Chetan is an investment banker, a columnist, screenplay writer, speaker and motivator and has been judge in shows like Nach Baliye (weird!). Sumit Agarwal is a director of a chemical business, singer and runs NGOs in Kanpur. They belong to same age group.

4. Keep it simple silly!

Simple English – Chetan Bhagat’s signature. Sumit Agarwal’s book follows the same. Simple and Lucid. Easy and written for all.

5. Heroes & Villains 

Every story has heroes and villains. In ‘One Indian Girl’, there is a heroine – Radhika. ( Rahul Gandhi will be happy with Chetan Bhagat empowering a woman!) And the boyfriends, mother, aunts … the society are villains! Chetan Bhagat has portrayed mother of Radhika as orthodox, thinking always of what people will say.

‘The Four Patriots’ has four lead characters suffering at the hands of the system. Patriotism totally ingrained in these guys, they went on to fight elections and become ministers of the country. But when it’s politics, there will be all sorts of villains. Corrupt politicians, scamsters, anti-nationals, terrorists and naxals. Relatable to the real life political-national scenario.. isn’t it?

6. Sex and No Sex!

Chetan Bhagat is known for his marketing gimmicks. One Indian Girl got trending for Page No. 57. Guess what Chetan must have placed. Sex! Like he does it in all his books. Explicit sex. Even when it is not required to show to the extent. Neither it is some E.L.James work nor it is the core theme of the book. He knows well how to attract the Indian non-readers. Thankfully, he’s got no Pahlaj Nihlani for books!

Sumit Agarwal has garnished patriotism with romance and love. No sex. There are moments in ‘The Four Patriots’ but he maintains the sanctity of the book’s theme.

7. Marketing Gimmicks

Ask authors and they say, ‘Writing is easy, Marketing is tough!’ Authors these days try innovative ideas to promote their books.

Apart from Press releases, grand book launches, video teasers and contests, Chetan Bhagat went to Arnub with a U! The team at TVF and Bhagat went on to humiliating Chetan Bhagat and his works. Arnub literally spits on his book! Chetan shows his waxed leg to promote his research on feminism for ‘One Indian Girl’. And if that was low, he also agrees to show his stupid dancing clip on Nach Baliye stage. Lows of negative publicity! And not to forget how he promised sex in the teaser itself!

Negative promotion of One Indian Girl with TVF, Arnub

Negative promotion of One Indian Girl with TVF, Arnub

Sumit Agarwal went on to develop a 5 minute trailer of the book ‘The Four Patriots’, using actors to create a Bollywood style fast-paced drama. He composed theme song titled ‘Four Patriots hai hum’. He even created 14 episode series of ‘Kya aap Deshbhakt kehlane e layak hai?’ 10 sec ads to promote the theme of his book.

Image result for Sumit Agarwal14 episode series of ‘Kya aap Deshbhakt hai?’ for The Four Patriots

8. Soon to be a major motion picture

Both the books are written such that they can be converted to Bollywood movies. Chetan Bhagat has a series of books converted to motion pictures. No surprise if One Indian Girl finds its way to a big Bollywood banner.

Image result for chetan bhagat one indian girl

Sumit Agarwal stated on the launch of ‘The Four Patriots’ that few Bollywood houses are looking forward to convert it to a movie script.  Interestingly, there were two directors present at the launch – Vivek Agnihotri and Jaideep Sen. In fact, Jaideep Sen gave his nod to the fact that he is looking forward to convert it to a movie script. Although Sumit Agarwal hasn’t decided yet.

 Image result for sumit agarwal book launch

However, Sumit Agarwal has a long way to go. Chetan Bhagat is the most loved and hated Indian author simultaneously. It has taken books, controversies and what not to become what he is today. A good book is just not enough!



Getting back to book reviewing after a long time and what better can it be than reviewing a book on change, optimism, patriotism, leadership, youth and difference! Please see the book is not meant to critiquing the art and science of writing but is all about the long required change that everyone of us so deeply crave for and hence an opinion on likability is provided here.

I thank the author Sumit Agarwal for giving me this opportunity to review his work before the book release on 29th September, 2016.

The book is reviewed with the help of DROPS framework developed by me to better understand the likability of the book.

DROPS FRAMEWORK FOR FICTION – Created by Smit Kothari D=Detailing to work R=Realistic weaving of the fiction O=Organized or structured story line P=Plot and Characters S=Story telling Book Review : THE FOUR PATRIOTS

DROPS framework for fiction forms of 5 critical elements in any fiction work.

D = Detailing to work.  Score : 3/5

We must genuinely appreciate the amount of research done and the facts put forward for a piece of fiction, where there is definitely some freedom in terms of moulding of facts. The facts can easily be spotted throughout the book and is definitely large in comparison to some popular fiction authors like Chetan Bhagat or Sidney Sheldon; but when compared with the works of  Dan Brown, you are definitely expecting more! You may catch something on MNREGA, election costs, collegium, JPCs or challenges associated with sports, reservation, cleanliness, social security, etc. while there are a lot of other critical issues in India and an equivalently large fact-file!

The detailing of main characters is good enough and we can gradually create a mental picture of them. But then, other supporting characters are loosely worked out. The characters from media especially have a weak outline and an equally weak dialogue delivery.

R = Realistic weaving of the fiction.  Score : 3.5/5

We don’t expect reality in fiction,  but a work so neatly weaved that you connect reality with it. Unfortunately, patriotism today is more of a fiction than a reality. Author’s attempts at bringing patriotism back by creating a fantasy world where things change for India seems highly optimistic (but not impossible anytime!). One may definitely argue how difficult it is for a nation so large and diverse to bring about such a large change that the book presents to us. The book does not tell us how the four main characters become such important faces in so short time and become core party members; some may even think if that’s possible (see : AAP’s journey and Kejriwal’s rise to CM). It is also strange to see how there is little opposition within party (although there is!) to the 4 main characters handling all the major portfolios, that too multiple (each handling 3 major portfolios at a time). There are many such highly optimistic things, some with explanation, some without! But the best part is that you are ready to accept at some of those points, owing to the explanation and the gripping storyline!

O = Organized.  Score : 4/5

Simple organization of the book. Characters lives are rolled out and it shows their early lives. The ‘why did they join politics’ perspective! And the second  ‘How they transform the country’ perspective. The lives of 4 characters- all at different places and professions, move simultaneously. They get affected due to the system. And like every story has a hero, we have 4 here. The 4 characters want to change the system. The good part is that they don’t break or fall prey to the system. The interesting part is ‘How?’ The story is well organized to give it a twisting plot at the end of each chapter.

P = Plot and Characters. Score : 5/5

The plot and the characters will keep a reader engrossed. The plot has multiple twists, woven web of causes and effects,  thrills and chills, Indian political scenario, feuds and struggles, love, romance, empathy and articulation. A perfect drama to watch. And a better reality to live! The plot becomes gripping and thrilling, chapter by chapter. The Indian political scenario has a plethora of issues to offer and so does the plot. You find yourself served to a platter of terrorism, naxalites, olympic events, collegium system, political feud, political family connection, formation of new party, extortion, misutilization of temple funds, corruption and absurd-to-good media coverage. Yes, everything!

The lead characters steal the show. Aditya,  a chemical businessman, who wants to see a cleaner and greener Varanasi, a better living for India; Varun, a software engineer overseas, who questions the legal system, Raghav, state education minister who challenges his CM chacha; Salman, CEO of Coffee moments, campaigns against an MLA for his falsely laid promises.  Every character is a story to unfold.

S = Story Telling. Score = 4.5/5

The Four patriots is Sumit’s first book. Story Telling is an art mastered gradually, but Sumit has proved it wrong. The way story moves is simply fantastic. You don’t leave the book until you complete it. It’s like a webisode you see online. Every episode leaves a mark! The only part he could have focused was the dialogue delivery of support characters like Sumit Baksi who represents media. Simple narrative, deeply connected. Overall, story telling supported a fantastic plot and lead characters. It can very well be turned into a political thriller like 24!

We all want to see this change. Admit it, we all have imagined ourselves executing our ideas to change the country, in daydreams. All of us wanted to become The President or The Prime Minister at some point of time in our childhood (or at least at the time when we saw flag hoisting at the Red Fort or the Parade). But with time, we stopped considering politics even as a career option. It was meant for the bad and the powerful, and the sole purpose of empowering the weak and the good was lost.

Small things make impact and small changes make real change. Small steps create difference and small differences make it large! This book is a step towards such a change.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal

The Four Patriots

by Sumit Agarwal

Giveaway ends October 29, 2016.

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If you have ever fallen victim to the system, been humiliated, felt helpless… this book is for you.

Varun, a NRI software engineer, loves Alisha. Salman, CEO of Coffee Moments, loves Mahi. Raghav, a virtuous politician, loves Neha. Aditya, an altruist businessman, is married to Prachi. Destiny invites them to step out of their comfort zones and fight the devil that holds their country captive.

Will they choose country over love, comfort and success?

Will they enter the Chakravyuh, intricately laid down to ensure their destruction?

Will they come out of it alive and win back our lost pride?

Buckle up for a roller-coaster ride into the lives of these four young men who are out to change the system which could not be changed in the last 70 years of independence. A story fraught with romance and patriotism.

Also pick this book if you are a patriot and do not believe that ‘is desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta.’ If you do, all the more reason to read it!


The Fourth Estate

Cover of "The Fourth Estate"
Cover of The Fourth Estate

With ‘The Fourth Estate’ Jeffrey Archer grabs a catchy storyline in his shelf.But the storyteller of the decade widens his horizon to make it heart throbbing.Two men at two different corners start their journey to become world’s biggest press baron.

In their topsy-turvy path from nothing to everything, they try every ‘modus operandus’ to cram everything that comes their way.Pounds or contacts, treachery or bribery-they retort to everything that fuels their automobile to their destination.Unending desires lead them to further takeovers, adding their corporation to a global giant.Profit rises, and so their desires – to acquire everything, ‘whatever the cost’ may be.They forget the truth that ‘money can buy bed, not sleep’. They turn restless, fearing that the other one add one more to his shelf and make it larger.Each one perseveres for the other one’s decline and thereby, his leap to another feat.The war to become media mogul finally brings both-Richard Armstrong & Keith Townsend- to a small debt, that they face enormously difficult to repay.In their frantic efforts, they make more enemies than friends.The quest to destiny leads one to triumph, the other to abyss.

Voluminous, as the book is, so is the storyline with twists and turns and some brilliant plots.The way, the two barons are described, taking over one newspaper after other, and consolidating their global positions in media is commendable.Who would have thought to put up titles of each chapter as mastheads and headlines of newspapers resembling historical events with the fiction in the story.But, Jeffrey Archer is known to tell a story from various angles.The dialogue delivery is quintessentially English. Keith Townsend’s, not keeping his words with, “I ‘m sorry, I lied” and “As you all know, I never interfere with the editorial tasks…” is used widely time and again in the book.

The world war II, the holocaust, and Jews keeps one through the book.Every detail is covered up minutely, with exact dates & locations. He terminates his book with a better end than in  his other books.Finally he ends with the storyline with a fact that a true businessman can’t cease acquiring and taking risks.Businessman will be businessman.



The Missed Call ( The Backbenchers, #2 )

The Missed Call by Sidharth Oberoi
The BackBenchers

Author : Siddharth Oberoi

Genre   : Fiction, Urban life

Ratings: 2 of 5 stars false

Story in Author’s words:

Natasha, the heartthrob of The Presidency Convent, lost her stardom, her pride and her boyfriend overnight, with no idea what hit her. But she does have her suspicions, namely — Ananya.

She is not going to take her downfall lying down. And now that she has her hands upon something that can ruin Ananya’s life, she can’t wait to have her revenge.

Meanwhile, Shreya stays at a distance, and sees Natasha destroy herself in hatred, revenge and pain. It aches her to see her once-upon-a-time best friend throw her life away like this. But what can she do about it?

The Backbenchers – The Missed Call traces the story of Natasha Malhotra as she struggles with depression, vengeance and the loss of social equity. Will she get her old life back? Or will she destroy herself?

my review:

Why I should read this book is a difficult question to answer; More difficult to answer will be the regular jibes that will prompt out on my desktop commenting: “if  ‘The Extra Class’ wasn’t enough, Smit wants to add an extra book to his ‘read’ shelf too quickly.” After reading mind boggling thrillers like ‘The Da Vinci Code’ or heart touching ‘a quiver full of arrows’, one needs to take a little bit of rest.But ‘rest from reading’ is something which I loathe more than myself.So in such course of time, I prefer to read books of such genres.In layman’s language, light reading is always necessary.Nobody can continue on with thrillers and heart chillers forever.A bit change of genre or switching  to Layman’s so called ‘light reading’ does seem to be an obvious choice.And why should it not be?


Siddharth Oberoi possesses a special charm when it comes to simplicity and lucidity.It is not always important to present the content in a rhetorical way.The simpler,the better.I would always recommend ‘The Backbenchers series’ as the best one to start with; infact, the best book for novices.Completing the sequel, my mind as a critic was continuously gathering up the content and was able to brief it far shorter than any book with 200+ pages would provide a gist of.Is it so that the genre of teenage faces  paucity of ideas ? There was hardly any change well distinguished from the previous one, except the concept of forgivenesswell woven by Oberoi.

If a rotten mango can spoil the lot, why can’t a juicy one transform the rotten ones to ripen? Well, if that’s not possible in mangoes, it does in Oberoi’s teenage fiction.It’s just an old convention to bring the villain to defeating edge at the end.

Rarely does it happen that villains transform to heroes, but Oberoi brings that change in this book.Other than the concept of forgiveness, there is nothing that can touch the readers. 

About The Author
Sidharth Oberoi is a pseudonym. The Backbenchers series is written by writers Sachin Garg and Durjoy Datta, from the Grapevine India community.


The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)
The Da Vinci Code

Author  : Dan Brown

Genre     : Mystery Thriller

Ratings  : 5 of 5 stars false

The Da Vinci Code cracked!

“expect for the unexpected” is any regular thriller.What if i say that i have found out a book whose every chapter takes you to a journey of twists and turns, breathtaking action, ingenious  deciphering of codes, riddle solving and a quest that breaks into the history.The book is none other than  “The Da Vinci Code” . 
The book led Mr. Brown to extreme research in the fields of symbology, iconography, cryptology, Christianity and the secret societies.flooded with descriptions on all these, the book  mr. brown claims contains actual facts. HATS-OFF to his wide researching abilities that goes beyond my wildest imagination!
The story sets up a standard for the genre of thriller from the very beginning. With the brutal murder of Jaques Sauniere – the elderly curator of the world renowned Louvre art museum of paris, the story slowly and gradually grips the reader to the ultimate. Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor on symbology, is called upon for the brutal murder as apart of the investigation carried out by the topmost French judicial authority-DCPJ. Alongside the body which is positioned as ‘the vitruvian man'(naked man lying in an eagles shape-the famous painting by leonardo da vinci-shown on the cover page behind the titles in a blurry fashion), it finds a series of baffling codes .But it doesn’t seem that Robert Langdon is called upon as a symbologist helping DCPJ . Is he framed?
Langdon finds a partner Sophie Nevue , a cryptographer,who is related to these baffling codes.  Then starts the breathtaking chase between the cops and the pair, a chase that puts them on the wanted list by the Interpol. Along with the chase starts a quest for breaking codes and codes within codes.Reverse texts, anagrams, riddles and puzzle solving that stretches them deep into the vaults of history of Christianity.If  they cannot decipher the labyrinthine codes, a secret will be lost forever and they are far away from being aware that they are a part of global conspiracy, a conspiracy that involves big heads-influential enough to buy the secret or kill for it.
Dan Brown has instilled twists you will find hard to digest and sit in shock at few moments of  this topsy-turvy journey of thriller.He should not be less credited for the artisic descriptions of the works of Da Vinci-The Mona Lisa, The Vitruvian Man, The Last Supper and Madonna on the Rocks.The description of  “The Last Supper” especially changed the vision from an artist point of view to the allegories hidden in the art of Da Vinci. After reading this book, one may ponder over the title:”The enigmatic artist” given to Leonarda da Vinci.     
If digital fortress was a “thumbs up”, even “wow ” is less for this one!
“wow is one of those words which is  a palindrome in itself.reverse it 180 degrees and you will get mom.” -that’s  dan brown’s way of attracting readers with his code deciphering thrillers!
If you haven’t read this and still define a thriller, you are bound to alter your opinion.
No sooner did you complete this book, your mind will force you to say:
                                                “I am your fan, Mr. Brown”.

The Backbenchers-The Extra Class

The Backbenchers-The Extra Class


The Backbenchers by Sidharth Oberoi
The BackBenchers series #1


Author: Sidharth Oberoi

MY RATING : 3/5 

Ananya’s father moves from Raipur to Delhi so does ananya. Ananya , a 12th grade student,topper and popular student in her old school,suddenly finds herself  an awkward at her new school-the school where teachers are the puppets in the hands of students.When in Rome, be Romans. She changes her physical appearance.with skirts shorter, shirts tighter and stylish hair,she tries to establish her position among the presidency girls and boys.But changing the physical appearance is not all enough.With new challenges,love and friendship,and of course rivalry, Ananya  transforms herself into a Delhi girl. Will she be able to tackle them all?

A fresh story with few of the old ideas, shown frequently in serials on channel V or Mtv – its just another book that revolves around teenage period and desires.The book begins well, presenting the dark side of the rich spoiled brats of metropolitan cities but fails to cover all the areas.It concentrates on the teen period, teenage crushes and love throughout the book.Written lucidly and presented in the simplest way, the book fuses the emotions of friendship, teenage love and desires.The lust and flaunt of the teenage are the villains that keeps the reader going through with the book.Overall, any college youth would like the story as it resembles a lot with their life.

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