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20s : The story of emotional attachment

***** rolled down my cheek; and it tasted salty just as it did in childhood. But that was childhood! Who cries in early 20s? It’s embarrassing! (And boys, they don’t ***)

Emotional attachment plays this game. And as one of my friends say,  Ahh the life of Sheldon Cooper.. no emotions.. no attachment!

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  • Sheldon: Why are you crying?
  • Penny: Because I’m stupid!
  • Sheldon: That’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.

20s. You lose your friends to foreign land, one by one. You lose them to career. You lose them to opportunities.

20s.  You lose friends for fault of others. You lose your friends to circumstances.

20s. You lose them with time.

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Friends to acquaintances is merely a journeyof choices and priorities.

However tightly you hold ’em, you have to be lucky to be with your dearest ones through your 20s.

20s is the story of emotional attachment. The story of emotional loss.

How nice would it be to be Sheldon Cooper, away from all emotional delusions.. How if attachment was just a file in an email, nothing more!

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Reason to return!

11:45 PM

The train was supposed to be at the station. I was supposed to be in the compartment. Luggage underneath the lower berth, my head underneath the blanket. But then, I was supposed to be somewhere doing something, happily. Things never go as per plan! At least in the last few days, it didn’t go that way.

Rejected in VISA approval tests. Failed attempts in clearing finals. Accumulated installments of unpaid loan. Unemployment. And tragic demise of grandfather. Broken emotionally and financially.

The city felt so lively even at the twelfth hour, buzzing with youths on two-wheelers out in the city enjoying hot masala-chai on a chilly winter night or couples returning to their place after a well spent evening at some posh restaurant. There were random passersby pedaling their bicycles with pace to replace the person on duty. Sadly, these people felt more cold than the guys returning from work. There were engines revved up to the call centers to attend clients sitting in far west. And then, there were dogs barking at strangers.

Still, a stranded dog has far more reasons to feel better than a rejected and dejected urbane in his mid-20s.

11:50 PM

I checked my tickets twice. At the right platform, right time.

But then, I had checked all my VISA details twice. Again right place, right time. Or was the time right? Didn’t miss a detail. Everything was mentioned. Everything. Mentioning that the only person in my family was a debt-struck grandfather was everything. And VISA to return disappointed to grandfather’s place was approved. REJECTED in bold and not-at-all beautiful letters!

Mess up one thing and you start repeating it in all other things. Finals were a repeat of VISA fiasco except that I supported it hopelessly by not preparing. FAILED in bold and not-at-all beautiful letters!

Unemployment was to follow when there were ‘cleared in first attempt’ jobless available in market.

With broken dreams and a flicker of hope, all you can set your eyes on is the city of dreams. The train would arrive and carry loads of dreams; some would reach destination, few would survive and the rest would return in the same train.

11:55 PM

There is nothing left for me in this city. No reason to return!

Grandpa was a reason for years of my stay there. The reason was no more.

Every time I left the city, I had him standing beside me waiting for the train, and then waving me back as it chugged off the station.  This time the wait seemed longer than usual.  Grandpa was my family. No family, no home!

I am done with this city. 

00:00 AM

I can’t wait here anymore. Where the f**k is train?  

‘Driver’s birthday! Must be having his piece of cake.’

And there, they were, the other two musketeers. They have been with me since my school days. They were there when grandpa passed away, while I was facing a so-called interview. They were the ones who broke that news to me, later. They were present in all those important moments, and today.

‘The train is delayed by an hour. And I believe, you didn’t listen to all those announcements! Did you?’  And they laughed.  I forced a smile. They were right. I didn’t listen to any announcement made. I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts and the best I did was a glance at the watch.

For the next hour, we had ‘Masala Chai’ at the platform, talked about misses and stitches, failures and hopes, and the old school days. Everything was same then, except that there was little more fun. They had their share of failures and disappointments, too.

The wait was no longer getting heavier on me. All my negative thoughts had subsided. Finally, the train arrived. We wished and hugged each other.  The train was ready to depart.

The next time I come, I hope to see both of you again at the station. Goodbye. 

The Backbenchers-The Extra Class

The Backbenchers-The Extra Class


The Backbenchers by Sidharth Oberoi
The BackBenchers series #1


Author: Sidharth Oberoi

MY RATING : 3/5 

Ananya’s father moves from Raipur to Delhi so does ananya. Ananya , a 12th grade student,topper and popular student in her old school,suddenly finds herself  an awkward at her new school-the school where teachers are the puppets in the hands of students.When in Rome, be Romans. She changes her physical appearance.with skirts shorter, shirts tighter and stylish hair,she tries to establish her position among the presidency girls and boys.But changing the physical appearance is not all enough.With new challenges,love and friendship,and of course rivalry, Ananya  transforms herself into a Delhi girl. Will she be able to tackle them all?

A fresh story with few of the old ideas, shown frequently in serials on channel V or Mtv – its just another book that revolves around teenage period and desires.The book begins well, presenting the dark side of the rich spoiled brats of metropolitan cities but fails to cover all the areas.It concentrates on the teen period, teenage crushes and love throughout the book.Written lucidly and presented in the simplest way, the book fuses the emotions of friendship, teenage love and desires.The lust and flaunt of the teenage are the villains that keeps the reader going through with the book.Overall, any college youth would like the story as it resembles a lot with their life.

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