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Book review of Despite Love


Mistakes Happen…
After all, we are human.

Smriti wanted to be alone, away from Risabh. Their tumultuous relationship was too much for her to take. There was too much pain and sadness and they were staring at a point of no return. She needed a break from him, she thought. But little did she realise that she would be gone from him forever.

Risabh is shattered as he loses the love of his life in mysterious circumstances. Unable to come to terms with reality, he is constantly tormented by the memories of his past. With the investigating inspector pinpointing the murderer, it seems to be an open-and-shut case. Till things take a murkier turn with the death of another close friend of Risabh…

And then there is yet another murder, just as Risabh is about to pick up the pieces of his life again. Is there a professional killer out on the loose and is Risabh next in line?

Despite Love: Love. Hate. Murder. Deception. Some Secrets Are Meant to Be Revealed. by [Srivastava, Siddhartha]


Unattractive cover. Decent blurb. Good reviews on Amazon & Goodreads.

First look of the book doesn’t justify a really good plot written inside!

With the suspense element added in the very beginning, Prologue added curiosity and this was maintained throughout the book.

Climax and end gives this book an edge.

Gripping plot, good imagination!

Also, consider the fact that the suspense thriller is written by a 12th grader who aspires to become India’s Sidney Sheldon.


Suspense Thriller Novel
Despite Love by Siddhartha Srivastava

Saying anything on the story line can spill some beans. Rather read it!

‘Despite Love’ is a story of Risabh, his love life Smriti, and other friends who plan a reunion. But none of them wondered it would turn dark for them.

Gripping plot. Strong story line.

Organized in 4 parts, the book has a got a good structure. Parts in Delhi, New York and Hyderabad are used well.

The places used in the story failed to create the connect and feel that these metros give.

At certain places in the book, depiction is beautiful. Narration of Risabh’s life and his past memories are frequently used, giving it a Bollywood flavour. And then at times, the dialogue delivery and description doesn’t match his own standard!

There were portions in the book where plot was certain, but climax compensates for all minor errors.

P.S. The writer is 17 years old and is able to pull out a book with so much maturity. He has shown a lot of promise. All the best for your future endeavours, Sid!

Finding Juliet by Toffee

Finding Juliet by Toffee


Arjun is a sweet, simple guy who is so unlucky in love that he almost lets go of life. Enter his saviour Krish, who turns him into an irresistible flirt, making his life more colourful. But will he find true happiness or has he lost that opportunity?

Join Arjun as he tries to figure out women and discovers the meaning of love, lust and life.. all in his journey of Finding Juliet


Image result for 4 star rating

Definitely a book to spend an evening with! ‘Finding Juliet’ is book for train journeys. Indeed I completed it during my train travel.

I believe youngsters will relate to Arjun and keep turning pages till they reach the end. Engrossing. Indeed, the writer pulled of a Durjoy Dutta in the initial chapters. It reminded me of ‘The Backbenchers’ series.

Finding Juliet by Toffee Review
Finding Juliet by Toffee Book Review

DROPS FRAMEWORK FOR FICTION – Created by Smit Kothari D=Detailing to work R=Realistic weaving of the fiction O=Organized or structured story line P=Plot and Characters S=Story telling Book Review : Finding Juliet

D = Detailing to work.  Score : 3/5

Arjun turns from an ordinary guy to a cool, irresistible flirt. His conversion to flirt is described in great detail. The chapter ‘enlightenment’, based on Krish’s advice on women to Arjun, is beautifully written. The author’s choice of words tell us how he understands women psychology deeply. The core of the book – Arjun’s personality change and dilemma of love, lust and life – is discussed in great depth.

R = Realistic weaving of the fiction.  Score : 3.5/5

The story is set in Hyderabad and Bangalore mostly. Use of places like Charminar, Hussain Sagar lake, pubs, shopping and dining places fits well to the storyline. The bomb blasts also add an interesting element to the story. These small patches of real details add essence to this fiction drama. In fact every guy can relate to the lead character Arjun.

O = Organized.  Score : 4/5

Organized in 2 acts, the story gives us two different Arjun – the geek and the flirt. But we are what we are. A drastic change may temporarily be welcomed, but then you start missing your old self. The sequence of events and flow of emotions go well with the story. Anjali, Arjun’s childhood friend, stays through the entire plot and keeps returning at the right moments.

P = Plot and Characters. Score : 4/5

Friends, True Friends, Girlfriends, Crush, Mentor – Characters are lively. Amazing how these simple characters have weaved a story so real. Almost everyone has a true female friend, childhood friends, college friends and colleagues. Connect with each of these set of friends is different. One can totally relate these strong connections between the characters.

Distinctively, you also realize in the story how you lose friends with time – some gets filtered, some voluntarily leaves and some by circumstances. But true ones remain there, irrespective of time.

S = Story Telling. Score = 4.5/5

Dialogues, description, monologue and lyrics – so perfect that I would love to keep some of those in my Goodreads quote section. One can relate to every statement made on love, lust and life- as if taken from your heart and put in the book.

“Maybe there is some insane pleasure in self-destruction and hitting rock bottom because once you reach there, you can only go up.”

“Behind every person there lies a story which makes them what they are. Many a time, the story isn’t known to anybody.”

And some simple, touching lines

I can see your face,
But I can’t see you anymore.
I can look into your eyes,
But I can’t read them anymore.
You hold my hand,
But I don’t feel the love anymore.
You touch my body,
but you don’t touch my soul anymore.

All I can say is I completed this book in one go and it was great to spend an evening musing over this book.

Thank you writersmelon.com and Toffee for this book.

Indelible Chaos Morsels

Turn your eyes,

Or get ready to read it twice;

For the mystery is unsolved,

The malady has evolved,

And the love is lost;

But it will cost!

A Morsel to read,

Chaos to deal,

And footprints we leave-

Indelible it will!

the emperor of all maladies

the emperor of all maladies

The Emperor of all Maladies. ‪#‎CoverPage‬
A morsel that will leave an indelible mark and chaos within you.
My first short story getting published in Indelible Chaos Morsels.



Aliya was one name hardly anybody would be unfamiliar with in Shri Madhavrao College (SMC). Aliya’s life was a primrose path. She would change her boyfriends weekly; cars, however, got a longer life-changing it twice a year. She was the daughter of a prominent doctor in the town, and with his father’s wealth, she had got a whole entourage of minions around her all the time. Every event in her college was sponsored by her father and there would be large banners of ‘Aliya Multispecialty Hospital’ hanging at the concerts. With sponsorship, Aliya’s added glamour was the obvious reason why event organizers preferred her as their anchor in concerts. However, this year, Farhan being the coordinator of the largest rock concert of the year, she wasn’t offered. An audition was called on for the role of female anchor. With an unbiased audition, he was the trending topic of the college; Aliya was totally ignored. She felt insulted. She decided to see Farhan. While Farhan was busy calling the sponsors, Aliya waited reluctantly in the alley. After half an hour, she banged furiously on the door and left. An hour later Farhan found her in the canteen. That was the first time their eyes met.

“Sorry, I was…” before Farhan could complete, she exploded.

“You should better be. The way your committee has responded to all the obligations my father has done to your event is simply intolerable. You got me out of the anchor role and now, you left me waiting in the alley for half an hour. Is this the way you treat your sponsors? I am left with no other option than to repeal the sponsorship we were about to offer.” While Aliya was fuming, Farhan was cold as ice.

“As you wish, Ms. Aliya. If the trust that your father is a head of, doesn’t feel donating in our ‘uplift humanity campaign’, he may call off. Our event has got enough sponsors, who don’t expect anything in return. Anyway, the campaign believes in building relationship, no give and take business, this time.” With this, Farhan left.

Aliya had raised enough voice before, insulting Farhan. However, someone answering boldly to her had caught everyone’s eyes. Her entourage of minions dispersed. They knew it was the wrong time to approach her. She would be furious. Instead, she was impressed. Her fury was overcome by a feeling of admiration. She knew he had insulted her. But she felt like she never had. She was blushing. She followed him. She wanted to talk to him. Finally, she caught him in the parking area.

“Sorry…can we talk?” she couldn’t remember the last time she apologized to anybody.

“What?” He was in little mood to talk.

“Let’s resolve the matter.”

“Ok. Go on.”

“Umm.. Not like this. How about a cup of cappuccino at my place?”

“For years, tea and coffee had been the same thing for me. How can cappuccino be different?”


“Cappuccino is not made for guys on pedals. It is for people behind the engines. Guys like me would be happy with a pack of biscuits, after they burn their calories pedaling. Apology accepted.” He got on his bicycle and with a thrust, sped away.

Hardly had anybody noticed if she had changed her car, but Aliya on a two wheeler didn’t remain unnoticeable. She had splurged her pocket money on a gear bicycle, and with every pedal, she could feel more eyes staring her. She didn’t care.

That was the beginning of a relationship blossoming between Farhan and Aliya. Both liked each other’s attitude. While Farhan was passionate about cars, Aliya developed her love for bicycles. While Farhan would make tea for her, she would bring her favorite cappuccino for him. Both were totally different, but above all, both were in deep love with each other.

Farhan would say, “I have always admired one thing in you.”

“What?”Aliya would be curious, caressing her hair.



Cancer. Testicular cancer. Just few months back, he was diagnosed with benign love. Now, his body was fighting with something malignant.

Cancer never kills you directly. It always shows you hope; it calls you for a fight and when you are in the ring, it plays the part of a bully. People outside the ring are mere spectators who can wish for your victory. In the ring of life, cancer is the opponent and cancer is the referee. Cancer is the emperor of all maladies.

It all began with unbearable pain down the stomach and in the groin. Frequent vomits and high body temperature concerned Farhan. Aliya recommended him her father’s multispecialty hospital. Although the doctor declared him fit, symptoms were a concern. Without tests, it was difficult to conclude anything. After Farhan completed giving his blood samples and a full body CT scan, he was greeted by Aliya’s dad- Dr. Shashank Mehra. Being an oncologist himself, he was a busy man; but, never busy for his daughter. Aliya had told her dad about her relationship with Farhan. When Aliya briefed her dad with Farhan’s symptoms, he sniffed cancer in Farhan. He recommended Farhan’s case to Dr. Upadhyaya – his friend and urologist at his hospital. Farhan’s case was immediately accepted.

With urine and blood report, Dr. Upadhyaya’s diagnosis claimed testicular cancer. CT scan showed that tumor had spread in his kidneys and brain. Dr. Shashank was hardly moved by the news. He showed sympathy for Farhan and offered him all medical facilities free of cost. Farhan, an orphan, had no other alternative. Soon, a catheter was fixed onto his body. It served the purpose of extracting blood samples from his body for timely tests. But, it generated excruciating pain for Farhan. An operation on kidney was fixed the next day. While he could see other cancer patients disgorging fluids out of their body, Farhan believed he was fit and fine. Before moving for the operation, he sent with his friend, a 500 rupee note, a request letter and copy of his reports to another oncologist. The operation was called successful. Tumor was removed from his kidney. However, brain was the crucial one to operate on. Then after, there would be 3 rounds of chemo.

Later in the evening, Aliya came with a garland of roses for Farhan. He wasn’t there. She found a cup of cappuccino and a letter. In the letter was scribbled, ‘sorry’.


Aliya Multispecialty hospital was a centre of illegal kidney transplantations. Earlier few cases went public but none were proved. This time, the authorities were caught red handed. Farhan’s kidney was removed and transplanted to a rich man’s son. It was a common practice by the doctors at AMH to search for a kidney of an orphan. Such cases hardly reach public and they can easily be manipulated. But in Farhan’s case, the reports were out. It was only the name on the report that was Farhan’s; everything else was fake. One of the reports displayed probable statistics of a ‘female’ cancer patient; while HCG (a substance present in large quantities in pregnant women and cancer patients) levels of Farhan showed normalcy. Yet, doctors at AMH diagnosed him with cancer. When another oncologist found that the reports were manipulated, he informed the police about his suspicions. Hippocratic Oath or competition – nobody knows but Farhan’s kidney got those players behind the bars. Dr. Shashank absconded. Entire scandal was covered by media. Cops found files of 80 illegal kidney transplants at AMH. However, the donors and recipients were recorded with different aliases.

Aliya couldn’t handle her dad’s complicity. Farhan had left. Her Dad was hiding from the police. He had conspired against Farhan. If the cops hadn’t raided, her Dad would have been successful in killing Farhan. Brain surgeries are always delicate & many lives are lost during these. With nobody behind Farhan, damage of cranial nerves- a mere surgery failure- would have been enough to get rid of a probable cause of danger.

Aliya took some sleeping pills, enough to get a permanent sleep.


As the session with psychoanalyst Dr. Anshumann continues, Farhan gradually convalesces from the trauma of Aliya’s death.

“If I connect all those broken pieces of your story, I find sheer luck on your side, especially, when you sent copy of your reports to another oncologist. God wants you to live!”

“Let me tell you another story, Dr.,” recovering from hypnotism, “a boy find himself alone in the world when his only family member- his elder brother loses battle against cancer. The boy then discovers that his brother had never been a victim of cancer but a victim of doctor. He overhears a conversation on fake cancer treatment & kidney transplants and decides to get the doctors hooked.”

There was a long silence before Dr. says,”And Farhan is that boy.” A little later, he comments, hoping for an explanation,” All these things may not be just coincidence!”

“It is not. All those symptoms were just a version of what I told Aliya verbally. There was no cancer. Had I not sacrificed my kidney, there was a chance, AMH might have escaped again.”

“And what about Aliya?”

 “I have always admired one thing in Aliya.”

“What?” Dr. Anshumann knew the answer.


Farhan was still in love with her.

This was Dr. Anshumann’s sixth session with Farhan. Farhan is still trying to recover from the trauma of Aliya’s death. Time will heal.

Who said Cancer is the emperor of all maladies? Love is.


The Backbenchers-The Extra Class

The Backbenchers-The Extra Class


The Backbenchers by Sidharth Oberoi
The BackBenchers series #1


Author: Sidharth Oberoi

MY RATING : 3/5 

Ananya’s father moves from Raipur to Delhi so does ananya. Ananya , a 12th grade student,topper and popular student in her old school,suddenly finds herself  an awkward at her new school-the school where teachers are the puppets in the hands of students.When in Rome, be Romans. She changes her physical appearance.with skirts shorter, shirts tighter and stylish hair,she tries to establish her position among the presidency girls and boys.But changing the physical appearance is not all enough.With new challenges,love and friendship,and of course rivalry, Ananya  transforms herself into a Delhi girl. Will she be able to tackle them all?

A fresh story with few of the old ideas, shown frequently in serials on channel V or Mtv – its just another book that revolves around teenage period and desires.The book begins well, presenting the dark side of the rich spoiled brats of metropolitan cities but fails to cover all the areas.It concentrates on the teen period, teenage crushes and love throughout the book.Written lucidly and presented in the simplest way, the book fuses the emotions of friendship, teenage love and desires.The lust and flaunt of the teenage are the villains that keeps the reader going through with the book.Overall, any college youth would like the story as it resembles a lot with their life.

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